Hardscaping services include non-organic landscaping such as pavers, retaining walls, raised garden structures etc. These not only aid in the organization and the maintenance of your beautiful custom landscaping, but add a wonder flow to keep the eye moving and also offers methods of access to residential and commercial buildings.


Our custom landscaping design, installation, renovation and remodeling services are all-inclusive to fit your needs and desires in adding a splash of color and natural beauty to your home or business. We not only offer these one-time garden and landscaping overhaul services, but we also offer seasonal services to keep your landscaping looking as brilliant as ever with seasonal blooms and foliage.


Whether you're looking to add small accent lighting, aiming to impress your neighbors or customers, or you really want your home or business to become the talk of the block, our professional commercial and residential lighting services are guaranteed to “wow.” We not only install, repair and maintenance your landscaping lighting systems, we also perform custom lighting designing and upgrades!

Residential Services

Residential Landscaping Services

For homeowners here in Illinois seeking a reliable landscaping company with marked experience regarding softscaping, hardscaping, and landscaping in general, we invite you to explore the wealth of landscaping-based services we proudly offer our local patrons. As a part of our residential services here in Illinois, we offer full-phase landscaping services as key areas of our coverage; including mapping, design, installations, restorations, and landscaping upgrades. Please contact our on-staff landscaping experts here at Dreamscapes Outdoor Services if you are interested in scheduling a particular landscaping service or have additional questions regarding the extent of our residential landscaping coverage.

Commercial Services

Commercial Landscaping Services

As a means to ensure all local property owners in Illinois have a dependable resource for commercial landscaping services, we are proud to extend our noteworthy landscaping expertise to include commercially scaled properties as well. We offer design, installation, restoration, hardscaping, softscaping, and general landscaping as featured areas of our extensive landscaping-related coverage in Illinois. If you are seeking landscape upkeep, maintenance, or upgrade services, we are more than equipped to fulfill similar service based roles as well. Contact our in-house commercial landscaping specialists if you are wanting to schedule a particular service or have additional questions pertaining to our landscaping services/coverage.

Why choose Dreamscapes Outdoor Services?

At Dreamscapes Outdoor Services LLC, we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction being our highest priority and providing impeccable landscaping services that maximise the features and enhance the overall beautiful aesthetics of your home or business. Our team of landscaping designers and service professionals are thoroughly trained and experienced in successfully flourishing properties at a more than affordable price. If you have a local development project that needs to add both an allure and appeal to the property, Dreamscapes Outdoor Services LLC is the one for the job! We will make your property truly memorable and a sight so sensational that you will never forget.


Some of the outdoor services that we offer here at Dreamscapes Outdoor Services LLC include design services, layout services, hardscape services, hardscape installation services, sod installation services, seeding services, grading services, outdoor kitchen services, custom outdoor kitchen services, retaining wall services, outdoor fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, water features, water feature installation services, water feature repairs, outdoor lighting installation services, outdoor lighting repair services, outdoor living, seasonal services, land clearing services, storm drainage services, and much more! We proudly offer our services to both residential and commercial properties at affordable prices with free estimates available.

Outdoor Living

Be it an outdoor kitchen, eatery, or simply an accommodating patio/porch in which to enjoy the weather, our outdoor living services are always deemed to be a “step above” in terms of quality and consistency.

Water Features

One sure-fire way to update one’s landscaping layout is to explore property addition services through our company, Dreamscapes Outdoor Services; including custom water features, waterfalls, aerators, and specialty water features.


Having an experienced landscaping company on-hand to perform seasonal maintenance and upkeep services for your commercial/residential property here in Illinois is an extremely effective way to safeguard your property whilst simultaneously saving time, money, and effort.