Our Work Efficiency

With experience, there comes an eventual level of proficiency; however, working efficiently requires the coupling of both experience and efficiency. Which is why we’ve endeavored over the years to maintain peak efficiency and an enviable level of accommodation towards the many needs of our local clientele.

Customer Service

We take a marked level of pride in the roles our on-staff landscaping specialists play in the lives and properties of our valued patrons here in Illinois. Communication and consistency are the hallmarks of a successfully-ran landscaping business; and our commitment to unmatched customer service is directly indicative of that.

Client Satisfaction

The success, reputation, and overall influence that our company, Dreamscapes Outdoor Services, experiences on a daily basis is greatly dependent on the true satisfaction of our local landscaping customers. We treat each and every landscaping project in Illinois as solely unique to ensure that the work showcase is beyond reproach and the contentment of our clientele is undeniable.

About Dreamscapes Outdoor Services

Proudly serving Collinsville, IL and the surrounding areas.

Dreamscapes Outdoor Services LLC was created based upon the foundations of customer appreciation, customer satisfaction, high quality craftsmanship and unique designs, all at affordable prices. With full intentions of always providing our customers with unmatchable services, distinctive craftsmanship, and unbeatable prices. Our landscaping and design professionals have countless years of experience in perfecting every aspect of their services, customer interactions and satisfactions. All of our outdoor services are available to both residential and commercial properties with custom features and options readily available.

Our goal is to remain loyal to the foundations and fundamentals upon which we were created. Our customers will always come first and their satisfaction and loyalty will always remain our mission. Our team continues to excel at every project put in front of them and remain eager to accept new ones. Some of the services that we offer that will further enhance the outlook of your commercial or residential property include design services, layout services, hardscape services, hardscape installation services, sod installation services, seeding services, grading services, outdoor kitchen services, custom outdoor kitchen services, retaining wall services, outdoor fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, water features, water feature installation services, water feature repairs, outdoor lighting installation services, outdoor lighting repair services, outdoor living, seasonal services, land clearing services, storm drainage services, and much more!